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Change of withdrawal address.

Started by David_0089 2023-10-29 at 15:35
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Please change my withdrawal address to the Faucet Pay email address. Also please remove my Payeer withdrawal address so that I can withdraw into my Faucet pay account from now on. Payeer is not cooperating anymore with me or not allowing my earnings to be withdrawn properly from my accounts. Payeer putting up a lot of unnecessary technical excuses to stop withdrawing my earnings.
Be advised that my Faucetpay email is the same email address used to register on this site. Also, I would like to request that this change be allowed to be done by the user himself or herself and not by the Admin as in the case of the other two sites where intervention of the admin is not required unless it is too important.

Thank you.
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You better ask this in a support ticket.

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