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Site closure
Published on 31-05-2023
Dear members,

I am at the sad position of announcing the closure of Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux.
The sites will stop their operation on the 1st of August 2023.
Unfortunately, since 2018 the company was not able to recover.
Financially we faced a huge loss (almost 80% of our total funds) due to Payza,closing in March 2018 and later in 2019 the cryptocurrencies collapsed.
Also since 2018-2019 there are a lot of members who either stopped using the sites or are leaving the sites.As an example,currently we have 1/4 active members than what we had in 2019.
In 2021 we faced another financial challenge which was caused by Covid-19 and the global financial crisis.Withdraws skyrocketed but we still managed to keep everything smooth and to pay our members.
Despite my best efforts I am unable to keep the sites online , since for years now I haven’t earned anything from them and the downtrend on the whole Paid to click industry continues.
Because I was always honest with you, I will try to make the closing of the sites as smooth as possible.

Members with a ROI higher than 100% will not be able to withdraw.If you make a withdraw it will get cancelled and the funds will not get back to your account balance.

We will focus on paying the members that haven’t had the time to recover their investments.

Members will not be able to rent new referrals or extend the current ones.

The registrations for new members will be closed.

Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux admin
Extension discount on rented referrals
Published on 17-05-2023


From today until the 20th of May 2023 23:59 server time you can get an extra discount on extending your rented referrals :

30 days : 3% from 0%
60 days : 8% from 5%
90 days : 13% from 10%
150 days : 20% from 18%
240 days : 22% from 20%
365 days : 27% from 25%

Best regards,
OptimalBux Admin


Advertising opportunity
Published on 31-03-2023


Now you can advertise your link on all our sites at the same time.
Advertise at Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux with a fixed advertisement at the cost of :

1 Day $4
7 Days $27
30 Days $110
90 Days $330
180 Days $640
365 Days $1000.

Your advertisement will have the duration of 5 seconds.

If you are interested you can deposit the funds at any of the sites and submit a support ticket with the Title,Description,Url and Banner url of your advertisement.

Best regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux Team

Valentine deposit promo!
Published on 14-02-2023

Dear members,

It's time to celebrate Valentine's day one more time together!

So,for the 14th of February 2023 and the 15th until 23:59 server time we are going to have a deposit bonus promo :

Add more than $100 and get 5% bonus.
Add more than $500 and get 10% bonus.
Add more than $1000 and get 15% bonus.
Add more than $2000 and get 20% bonus.

Best regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux Admin

5 years anniversary promo!
Published on 11-01-2023

Dear Members,

Today Optimalbux has turned 5 years old!

In order to celebrate this achievement we are going to give you free rented referrals as a bonus on your deposits!

If you add more than $100 you will get 1 rented referral for every dollar you added.
Let me give 4 examples so you can understand how this promo works.

#1 If you add $100 you will get 100 RR for free.
#2 If you add $250 you will get 250 RR for free.
#3 If you add $1000 you will get 1000 RR for free.
#4 If you add $50 you are not qualified for the promo and you wont receive any free rented referrals.

The free rented referrals will get added manually 24-48 hours after your deposit, so there is no need to open a support ticket.

The promo will end on the 15th of January 2023 23:59 server time.

If you have already exceeded the RR limit of your membership you wiil not receive any rented referrals.

Best regards,
OptimalBux,Scarlet-clicks and Gptplanet Admin

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