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Update on the progress made so far.

Started by agony554 2023-08-16 at 00:24
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Dear members,

A small update to you since the last post I made a month ago about the situation in GPTPlanet, Optimalbux and Scarlet-Clicks.

It is a pleasure to say things are slowly looking a slightly better compared to the previous month.
- The total pending withdrawal requests declined by roughly 50%
- Halve the deposits has been invested as mentioned before and this added an extra $300 in payments to members.
- Last week I modified the withdrawal rule set by the previous admin slightly, members who deposited $50 or less can now withdrawal without restriction.
- Total inflow of money has been $4554.73, paid to members in all sites $4489.15

I will make another financial update next month.

Best regards,
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Good work
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