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No body is posting their stats

Started by niceperson2200 2021-09-26 at 21:16
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I am member of this site for a little time now but have not invested in it, i am looking the stats section but many people stop posting their stats. i dont understand i mean like its not going good or something else. if anyone read this please reply me. like is it a good site to invest or not.
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this is a good site to invest in
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I have like a year without profit with the rr xd
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Quote: FCLStudio
I have like a year without profit with the rr xd

hi FCLStudio or Chrisflow23,
if i have 500RRs using autopay, what will be the pure profit from them?
how long time takes to return investition from these 500RRs?
is it worth?
....edited.. no need to answer.. now i know..i will try to rent them :)
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