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Having RR as Standard Member

Started by jsuarezcsfe 2021-04-06 at 01:48
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I am wondering how you can earn from your rented referrals when one clicks 6 at max per day which gives you $0.003 ($0.0005 per click as Standard Member) and its AutoPay is worth $0.006?

$0.003 - $0.006 = -$.003.

That's a negative earning for a Standard Member.

Please enlighten me. How much clicks can a rented referral make in a day that'll appear credited on our end?

Thanks in advance.
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You need to upgrade.
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I am tried Gold Upgrade, but from my 55 RRs ONLY 15 above AVG 6,8 !! It is sux for $10 Upgrade
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Don't buy golden if u cant rent max rr.
Take the upgrade with max rr you can afford.

Silver + 500 rr for 30 days and autopay makes me 5-6 $ profit per 30 days.
Not much, but for a long term investment is good.
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This really sux

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