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Rented referrals bring almost no profit.

Started by airgrin 2020-05-14 at 18:42
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Dear admin. Unfortunately, your sites have become extremely low-profit. Rented referrals bring almost no profit. Just don’t tell me about promotions and discounts. Do not. Consider everything as it is at its natural value. Here is a concrete example. In the screenshot. We take the cost of renting a referral 0.20 $ For 8 months he earned $ 1.60; i.e., on profit, I went to 0 . Although you previously wrote that referrals with AVG = 6 are cost-effective. But this is not so. Take for example referrals R324569 and R445670 (you can see in the screenshot) from 05/09/19 to 05/09/20 they did not even pay for themselves in a year. Work in the "minus" (instead of $ 2.40 they earned only $ 2.35) I do not understand the meaning of such earnings for myself. Since besides you, in this case no one earns . I think you should think about this situation if you want to keep afloat your earnings. Otherwise, you will lose many reliable partners. And the sites will just come off I hope for your understanding.
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The price to extend a rented referral for 1 year is $1.826.not $2.4 as you say.So these rented referrals earned $2.35 in a year and their cost was $1.825.So the profit from that referral is 2.35-1.826=0.524 which is 0.524/1.826=28,6% pure profit.

The $2.4 price is if you keep extending your RR for 30 days which is not recommended.It's better to use auto pay.When you extend an RR for 30 days you do not get any discount.

Our system is profitable as long as you use it correctly.

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Referrals are profitable, but you need enough money to extend them for 240 days....

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