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2 Years online!

Started by admin 2020-01-08 at 12:22
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First of all i would like to wish everyone a happy new year!All the best for you and your families!

Secondly i am glad to announce that OptimalBux is now 2 years old :)

2019 was a difficult year for the PTC industry due to Payza's legal case leading to the loss of our Payza funds.

I hope 2020 will be better for both admins and members!

In order to start the year the right way we are going to have a discount on yearly premium memberships!

From today until the 11th of January 23:59 server time the memberships prices will be :

Silver : from $50 to $45
Gold : from $100 to $90
Platinum : from $300 to $250
Diamond : from $700 to $500

Remember that you can also extend your current membership.

Finally,i have more good news about OptimalBux.As promised the withdraw limits are now back to normal!You can withdraw up to $100 per time (being a Diamond member).

Again,Happy new year!

Best regards,


OptimalBux,Scarlet-clicks and Gptplanet Admin
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You are the best Dimitris!!!
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This is a great news for us
Thanks a lot my dear Admin
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Quote: elieass290
This is a great news for us
Thanks a lot my dear Admin
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This is great news I have already taken advantage of this offer
Thank you very much dear admin
I wish you all the best for the New Year
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Happy New Year! Your buxes are the best! I wish you success. I will try to help too. I will attract new users to your projects. And I will be an advertiser in your projects.
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Have a long life
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I have a monthly silver.

If I buy a yearly silver now, then do the last days of my monthly remain?

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